About us

JOB & JOB 2 guarantees a wide range of services and production of finished metal products’ elements.

Our products are used in various industries, e.g. air conditioning – ventilation, energy, furniture, advertising, electronics, lighting, automotive, trade, decoration, etc.

Understanding the growing public awareness and market needs as well as listening to numerous customer inquiries, we have developed our new products with your safety in mind.

The website www.stacjadezynfekujaca.com.pl was created especially for a new, separate and specialized range of products.

We want our products to be original, innovative, safe, viable and to compete with the best products in this industry.

We operate according to the principle WE WORK FOR YOU. From the moment of placing the order, we guarantee the customer high quality of services, timeliness and compliance with the terms of the agreements and concluded contracts.

We can boast of millions of elements produced in accordance with the highest quality control requirements, which are sold by our customers in Europe on Eastern Markets and in the United States.

Due to contributions to building our customer’s brand, we have received many highest awards in global markets and industry competitions.

We have the recommendation of many companies, including corporations of global significance in their industry.

By choosing our offer you can be sure that WE WORK FOR YOU and you will receive the highest quality products.

We guarantee:

  • availability,
  • short delivery times,
  • high quality of performed elements and services,
  • low volume and high volume,
  • good prices,
  • convenient payment terms,
  • experience of the companies we work with (for your needs we choose the most competent companies),
  • modern machine park,
  • quality control of manufactured products in accordance with Kaizen and ISO standards.
  • service cost optimization,
  • high culture of order organization in accordance with Kaizen and ISO standards,
  • access to specialists in many fields.

We also invite you to visit our website www.job.szczecinek.pl where you can learn more about our production capabilities and machine park.

Our company has been awarded the Rzetelna Firma Certificate for the most reliable companies in Poland.

They trusted us

WINO Piotr Gonciarz
Zawisza Grzmiąca